• Export Control and Related Border Security Program

    United States

    The Export Control and Related Border Security Program provides training and for customs and border protection officials from more than 10 countries.

  • Jasoosan Sheeba and the Private Detectives


    World Learning has partnered with the Pakistani enterprise AZ Corp Entertainment to develop a series of educational comic books aimed at Pakistani students in grades two through five.

  • Eye Kutoloka – NGOs Engaged in Health


    The Eye Kutoloka Project improved the ability of city governments and nongovernmental organizations in Angola to jointly deliver quality, basic services including health, education, and waste management.

  • Kids Can Code

    Iraq, Jordan

    Kids Can Code provides engaging, hands-on coding and English language courses that help children in Iraq and Jordan build foundational skills in STEM subjects, English, and applied learning.

  • Kosovo Transformational Leadership Program–Scholarships & Partnerships


    The five-year Transformational Leadership Program-Scholarships and Partnerships is training a new generation of Kosovar leaders to drive significant change in economic, political, and social priority areas.

  • Linking Education and Employment Program


    The Linking Education and Employment Program (LEEP) supported the creation of career development centers at universities in underserved and geographically diverse regions in Egypt.

  • Malawi Scholarship Program


    The Malawi Scholarship Program (MSP) is a seven-year initiative designed to build the capacity of Malawi’s health service delivery and management sector.

  • MULU HIV Prevention Project in Ethiopia


    The MULU project strengthened workplace HIV prevention and served employees at 100 worksites from various sectors of the Ethiopian economy, including mining, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and textiles.

  • NextGen Coders Network (NGCN)

    Iraq, Kuwait, United States, West Bank and Gaza

    The NextGen Coders Network brings together multidisciplinary university students and young professionals from Iraq, the Palestinian Territories, and the U.S. for a virtual exchange to learn coding and collaborate on a website or application that tackles a grand challenge.

  • Pakistan Reading Project


    The Pakistan Reading Project aims to improve the reading skills of 1.3 million children in grades one and two across the country.

  • Participant Training Program for Ukraine


    The Participant Training Program (PTP) Ukraine supports the country’s economic and social transition with professional training programs and advisory services and local partner capacity building.

  • Promoting Education, Altruism, and Civic Engagement


    The Promoting Education, Altruism, and Civic Engagement (PEACE) program engaged Algerian university students and select young leaders with disabilities in addressing social problems within their communities.

  • Quality Instruction Towards Access and Basic Education Improvement (QITABI)


    The Quality Instruction towards Access and Basic Education Improvement (QITABI) project aims to expand equitable access and improve learning outcomes for vulnerable students in Lebanese public schools.

  • Reading for Success-National Program for Reading


    The Reading for Success – National Program for Reading activity implemented by Creative Associates International and funded by USAID supports the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research in improving reading and writing outcomes at the primary school level. The activity is carried out in partnership with the Ministry to build their capacity in developing effective Arabic language curriculum and instructional materials and delivering professional development programs to education personnel in the relevant areas.

  • Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors


    Special Program to Address the Need of Survivors (SPANS) Grant Solicitation and Management (GSM) is an umbrella grant making mechanism that supports services that assist vulnerable populations.

  • STEAM Teacher Training

    The STEAM Teacher Training course is a rigorous, two-week, 20-hour program for STEAM educators in all fields who are interested in creating a multidisciplinary, student-centered learning experience for their participants.

  • The STEM Hub


    The STEM Hub provided a space for visitors to think creatively, build their confidence, apply their knowledge to solve real problems, and embrace the role of trial and error in the educational process.

  • Teaching Struggling Readers Around the World Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

    The Teaching Struggling Readers Around the World Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) explores how children learn to read and shares techniques for helping kids to read successfully.

  • USAID Skills for Youth Project


    The Skills for Youth Project (SYP) engages Pakistani youth living in the critical stabilization areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with certified ICT skills and links to employment opportunities.

  • Vermont Governor’s Institute on Current Issues and Youth Activism

    United States

    Through the Vermont Governor’s Institute on Current Issues and Youth Activism, high school students explore current events, global issues, leadership, and social change.

  • Vocational Institute English Language Curriculum Review


    The Vocational Institute English Language Curriculum Review project strengthened the ability of Tunisian vocational institutes to provide students with the practical English skills they need for employment.