• Kosovo Transformational Leadership Program–Scholarships & Partnerships


    The five-year Transformational Leadership Program-Scholarships and Partnerships is training a new generation of Kosovar leaders to drive significant change in economic, political, and social priority areas.

  • Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors


    Special Program to Address the Need of Survivors (SPANS) Grant Solicitation and Management (GSM) is an umbrella grant making mechanism that supports services that assist vulnerable populations.

  • USAID Skills for Youth Project


    The Skills for Youth Project (SYP) engages Pakistani youth living in the critical stabilization areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with certified ICT skills and links to employment opportunities.

  • Malawi Scholarship Program


    The Malawi Scholarship Program (MSP) is a seven-year initiative designed to build the capacity of Malawi’s health service delivery and management sector.

  • Women in Science Girls STEAM Camp

    Ethiopia, United States

    The WiSci Girls STEAM Camp brings together girls from around the world and the U.S. to explore the STEAM fields and access mentorship opportunities and leadership training.

  • Youth Employment Project


    The Youth Employment Project establishes career centers in private vocational training schools in nine cities around Algeria

  • Blended Career Development for Madrassa English Teachers


    The Blended Career Development for Madrassa English Teachers program trains English language teacher trainers in southern India.

  • Digital Young Leaders Exchange Program

    Iraq, United States

    World Learning’s Digital Young Leaders Exchange Program (DYLEP) was a virtual exchange program for high school students in Iraq and the U.S.

  • Building English Teaching Capacity in the Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic

    The Building English Teaching Capacity in the Dominican Republic provided training and professional development for English language teachers from remote, underserved areas of the country.

  • El Salvador Higher Education for Economic Growth Project

    El Salvador

    The El Salvador Higher Education for Economic Growth Project aims to transform El Salvador’s higher education system to help stimulate broad-based economic growth and social development.

  • Electoral Empowerment of Civil Society


    The Electoral Empowerment of Civil Society Project (EECSP) strengthens the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to become integral parts of election activities in Nigeria.

  • English Access Microscholarship Program


    The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) offers 13-20-year-olds exposure to American culture, language, and values through a dynamic program of classroom instruction and extracurricular activities.

  • Arts Envoy Program

    United States

    The Arts Envoy Program sends key artists, musicians, and cultural experts from the U.S. abroad to interact and consult with vital foreign audiences across the globe.

  • EducationUSA Academy


    The EducationUSA Academy is a pre-college academic enrichment program for international high school students offering specialized college preparatory content, college-level writing workshops, campus visits, and cultural activities.

  • Communities Connecting Heritage


    Everyday individuals in our communities – storytellers, artists, musicians, and others – are at the center of vibrant societies, and are in a unique position to preserve cultural heritage.