DURATION: 04/03/2013 - 10/31/2018
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Program Description

The Participant Training Program (PTP) Ukraine supported the country’s economic and social transition with professional training programs, advisory services, and local partner capacity building.

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the program provided training for approximately 400 adult professional participants. Training programs took place in the U.S., Europe, and Ukraine, covering topics as wide-ranging as e-governance, youth living with disabilities, and education innovations. Programs in the U.S. included homestays to build understanding between the peoples of the two countries. In addition, the $11.7 million project engaged high-level international and domestic technical advisors to work closely with Ukraine’s governmental institutions to address specific needs. The Ukrainian organization Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME) played a major role in the project, which, in turn, strengthened its ability to deliver USAID participant training services. World Learning also received programmatic support from U.S. nonprofit PH International. 

PTP organized more than 30 tailored training programs for Ukrainian professionals across the U.S. and in 24 European countries. In addition, the project provided in-country and regional follow-on programming, including conferences and workshops, to build on the training participants received abroad. Training participants also had opportunities to engage with many of the experts advising Ukrainian government institutions through round table discussions. 

Under the project’s expert advisory component, more than 40 international and Ukrainian advisors held consultancies with Ukrainian institutions, including the prime minister’s office, the Kiev city government, and government Ministries of Agriculture, Finance, Health, and others. The advisors worked with these institutions to enhance systems, protocols, and communication strategies. 

Finally, the project resulted in the improved capacity of its local implementation partner, CEUME, to receive and manage USAID funding and carry out participant training activities in the field.

Program Goals

  • Provided training for Ukrainian professionals in a wide range of fields.
  • Engaged technical experts to advise Ukrainian government institutions.
  • Strengthened the ability of the local partner organization to carry out participant training.
  • Built cross-cultural understanding between Ukraine and the U.S.

The project was funded by USAID as a task order under the Focus on Results: Enhancing Capacity across Sectors in Transition II-Participant Training IDIQ (FORECAST II-PT). For additional information, visit the CEUME website.