• Professional Fellows for Governance and Society, South and Central Asia

    India, Nepal, Pakistan

    The Professional Fellows for Governance and Society, South and Central Asia program brings young professionals from India, Pakistan, and Nepal to the U.S. to exchange ideas, strategies, and best practices in legislative process and policymaking.

  • Youth Ambassadors Program


    The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from across the Western Hemisphere to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities.

  • Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars


    Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars (Alumni TIES) are regionally focused seminars for U.S. government-sponsored exchange program alumni.

  • Arts Envoy Program

    United States

    The Arts Envoy Program sends key artists, musicians, and cultural experts from the U.S. abroad to interact and consult with vital foreign audiences across the globe.

  • Basrah Employability and Entrepreneurship Program


    The Basrah Employability and Entrepreneurship Program in Basrah, Iraq is a seven-month program which provides 30 undergraduate students with training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, which develop their leadership, job-readiness, and entrepreneurship skills.

  • Capacity Building Program for U.S. Study Abroad

    United States

    The Capacity Building Program for U.S. Study Abroad seeks to increase the ability of U.S. higher education institutions (HEIs) to grow and diversify study abroad programs for U.S. students through a grant competition.

  • Communities Connecting Heritage


    Everyday individuals in our communities – storytellers, artists, musicians, and others – are at the center of vibrant societies, and are in a unique position to preserve cultural heritage.

  • Community Connections Program in Belarus


    The Community Connections Program in Belarus brings together professionals from Belarus with U.S. counterparts through tailored professional exchanges in communities across the U.S.

  • Export Control and Related Border Security Program

    United States

    The Export Control and Related Border Security Program provides training and for customs and border protection officials from more than 10 countries.

  • Fulbright Specialist Program


    The Fulbright Specialist Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and is a unique opportunity for U.S. academics and established professionals to engage in two- to six-week consultancies at host institutions across the globe.

  • Global Undergraduate Exchange Program


    The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) brings future leaders to the U.S. to experience the U.S. educational system, share their culture, and explore U.S. culture and values.

  • International Sports Programming Initiative

    Algeria, Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia

    The International Sports Programming Initiative uses sports to promote tolerance and respect for diversity and to help underserved youth around the world develop important leadership skills and achieve academic success.

  • International Visitor Leadership Program


    Each year, the International Visitor Leadership Program brings about 4,500 visitors to the U.S. for observational study tours ranging from a period of few days to three weeks.

  • Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program


    The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) brings Iraqi high school and undergraduate students to the U.S. for summer exchanges to explore themes of leadership development, civic rights and responsibilities, respect for diversity, and community engagement.

  • Jóvenes en Acción Program


    Jóvenes en Acción (Youth in Action), is a ten-month civic education and leadership program, which begins with a four-week exchange experience in the U.S. Participants are selected as project teams of four to five students from diverse communities throughout Mexico.

  • Kosovo Transformational Leadership Program–Scholarships & Partnerships


    The five-year Transformational Leadership Program-Scholarships and Partnerships is training a new generation of Kosovar leaders to drive significant change in economic, political, and social priority areas.

  • Leaders for Democracy Fellowship


    Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) is a five-year leadership development initiative designed to advance civic engagement and social innovation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

  • Malawi Scholarship Program


    The Malawi Scholarship Program (MSP) is a seven-year initiative designed to build the capacity of Malawi’s health service delivery and management sector.

  • Participant Training Program for Ukraine


    The Participant Training Program (PTP) Ukraine supports the country’s economic and social transition with professional training programs and advisory services and local partner capacity building.

  • Professional Fellows On-Demand Program


    Global events affecting U.S. foreign policy often unfold at a rapid pace, presenting significant challenges to U.S. public diplomacy efforts, but also unique opportunities for creativity.

  • U.S. Speaker Program

    United States

    The U.S. Speaker program sends experts from the United States abroad, either in person or virtually, to engage and consult with key foreign audiences on a variety of technical topics.