Partnerships are essential to supporting our programs in communities around the world. World Learning’s procurement processes are compliant with federal and state laws and aligned with our best business practices. Goods and services must be obtained in an effective manner and in compliance with the World Learning Code of Conduct and any applicable donor provisions. All procurement transactions are conducted in a transparent manner to provide, to the maximum practical extent, open and free competition. No employee, officer, or agent shall participate in the selection, award, or administration of a contract if a real or apparent conflict of interest would be involved.

Professional services opportunities

World Learning works with providers of professional services such as translation services, hotels, and catering.

Solicitations for common goods and services

World Learning works with providers of common goods and services such as supplies, equipment, office cleaning and maintenance, hospitality items, and more.

  • No opportunities are currently available.

Short- and long-term consulting assignments

World Learning works with consultants who lend their expertise on issues related to our global work.

Contact us

For questions related to specific procurement opportunities, please contact the World Learning staff member listed in the solicitation.

For general business development, consultancy assignments, and program partnering inquiries, please contact [email protected].