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    With support from HSBC Holdings plc, World Learning will strengthen the capacity of disadvantaged youth in 14 Wilayas to generate meaningful income and effectively manage their finances.



    With continued support from the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, World Learning is working with six dynamic local partners to launch Community Connections Centers – CCC (C3s) to offer training and activities that build and promote community resilience among youth.

  • Ouargla University Career Center


    The Ouargla University Career Center provides training, coaching, and other employment services to young graduates.

  • Southern Iraq Job Skills Development Program
    برنامج جنوب العراق لتطوير المهارات الوظيفية


    Southern Iraq Job Skills Development Program is an eight-month program that provides 80 undergraduate and vocational students with training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to develop their leadership, job-readiness, business English language, and entrepreneurship skills. 

  • STEAM Discovery Center

    Saudi Arabia

    A hub for innovation where young minds flourish. The STEAM Discovery Center is an extracurricular STEAM education and teacher training institution.

  • Uzbekistan Youth Workforce Development and Entrepreneurship Activity


    Uzbekistan Youth Workforce Development and Entrepreneurship Activity will equip youth in Grades 8-11 with the necessary skills to enter Uzbekistan's economy as competent employees or entrepreneurs.

  • WE Can Code


    The goal of the WE Can Code Program is to increase the interest and ability of disadvantaged youth in Jordan, particularly young women, to pursue advanced training and ultimately find or create employment in Jordan’s growing ICT sectors.