COUNTRIES: United States
DURATION: 07/01/2015 - 12/31/2030
FUNDER: Private and Public Sector Clients
CONTACT[email protected]

Program Description

World Learning’s proprietary English Language Assessment (ELA) helps businesses and organizations assess staff and job applicants’ language skills and develop language training programs.

For more than a decade, client organizations have used World Learning’s ELA to identify language training needs, track employee progress, and assist employees who are seeking promotions requiring more extensive English skills. Companies including Mobile Oil use ELA for benchmarking purposes, setting linguistic goals, and assessing employees’ achievements against their own internal criteria.

Program Goals

  • Assess staff and job applicants’ English language skills.
  • Develop tailored language training programs.

Prior to administering assessments and trainings, World Learning works with organizations to determine their needs and set appropriate language proficiency benchmarks. The assessment utilizes a comprehensive, four-pronged approach to measure individuals’ skills against those benchmarks. This approach combines the MET: Michigan English Test, SPEAK: Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit, and World Learning’s own customizable writing test and interview protocol. Combining these four assessment types allows for an accurate rating of participants’ four key language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

World Learning ESL technical experts tailor the writing test and interview protocol for each client to incorporate their needs and the context of the assessment. Two trained World Learning raters independently score the SPEAK test, writing test, and interview protocol to ensure accuracy. Once all scores are finalized, World Learning converts them into a single master rating that corresponds to standard language proficiency benchmarks. World Learning also provides Certificates of Achievement to participants who reach the benchmarks set by their organizations.