DURATION: 10/01/2022 - 11/30/2023
PARTNER: MEPI- Middle East Partnership Initiative
CONTACT[email protected]

Program Description

ECO-CATALYST aims to strengthen the capacity of community career development centers (CDCs) and entrepreneurship incubators (EIs) to become catalysts for locally-led, inclusive eco - nomic growth.

The project focuses on research-based identification of local employment and business opportunities, with targeted outreach to ensure information sharing and appropriate preparation for opportunities with marginalized groups, particularly women.

Project Objective:

Career development centers and entrepreneurship incubators across Algeria develop and promote locally designed solutions to economic problems through advancing gender parity and closing the skills gap.

Expected Outcomes:

  • 4 selected CDCs/EIs deepen their skills in analysis, outreach, and training design and develop community-based action plans for economic development.
  • 600 Job seekers trained in workplace skills and values;
  • 30 entrepreneurs equipped with business plans.
  • 80% of beneficiaries gain new employment or initiate entrepreneurial projects
  • Women in communities learn of opportunities in their communities for employment or entrepreneurship
  • CDCs and EIs develop a mentorship model for job seekers and entrepreneurs that become long term relationships