DURATION: 11/21/2022 - 01/30/2024
FUNDER: U.S. Embassy in Brazil
PARTNER: Cengage Learning
CONTACT[email protected]

Program Description

The Access for Teachers (AFT) Program is an online teacher training program supporting English teachers in Brazil to develop as professionals and teach English in English using learner-centered, communicative methods.

Through this program, World Learning aims to increase the capacity and effectiveness of English language teachers and teacher trainers in Brazil, support inclusive education of students and professional development of teachers, and promote interactive, learner-centered education practices. Participants of the program complete two self-paced online courses developed by National Geographic Learning: English for Teaching and Professional Knowledge for English Language Teachers. Virtual Peer Learning Hubs integrate experiential learning, practical activities, and reflection into the online courses. They support teachers taking the online courses and provide a professional learning community for teachers to interact with as they complete the curriculum. This 16-month, five phase program prepares coaches and trainers to deliver professional development programming to their peers and develop key skills, such as in discussion facilitation, problem solving, and technical support, to facilitate the training of teachers. In this iteration, World Learning, with the assistance of a local consultant, will support the professional development of four coaches, 32 teacher trainers, and 288 teachers to develop their competency and confidence in teaching English communicatively, and to enhance the learning experience and fluency of Brazilian students.

Program Goals

  • Enhance the capacity and confidence of English teachers in Brazil to teach English language lessons in English.
  • Promote communicative, learner-centered, experiential teaching practices.
  • Provide youth with increased access to higher education and job opportunities, to help further their societal integration.
  • Enhance the learning experience and fluency of Brazilian students.
  • Build the framework for a scalable, sustainable Training of Trainers program.