Publication Date: May 29, 2015
Publication Location: WASHINGTON
Contact: Kathryn Schoenberger   |   [email protected]

World Learning’s Global Advisory Council is pleased to announce the recent additions of three leading innovators bringing unique experiences in global education and development to the work of the organization: Alex Arriaga, Jeanne Bourgault, and Abby Falik.

“These individuals add depth and breadth to an already talented and wise group of external advisers who share our common goals of advancing education, social justice, and opportunity for an emerging generation of leaders,” said Donald Steinberg, president and CEO of World Learning.

Maria Alexandra (Alex) Arriaga has become the most recent addition to the Global Advisory Council. Arriaga is a partner in Strategy for Humanity, a consulting firm committed to helping mission-driven organizations, foundations and governmental bodies achieve healthy operations, smart advocacy and meaningful results. Arriaga has served in executive leadership positions in The White House, U.S. Congress, and with top non-profit organizations. She has successfully advanced international human rights issues, created grassroots public education campaigns, and achieved legislative victories.

Also joining the World Learning Global Advisory Council is Jeanne Bourgault, president and CEO of Internews, an international non-profit organization whose mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect and the means to make their voices heard. Bourgault has worked overseas on democracy assistance and international development and has consulted on international program design for foundations and nongovernmental and international organizations.

Abby Falik is the founder and CEO of Global Citizen Year, a non-profit social enterprise forging a new educational pathway for America’s emerging leaders by immersing a diverse corps of Fellows in developing countries during a “bridge year” after high school. Falik will be working most specifically with World Learning’s School for International Training (SIT) which prepares students to be effective intercultural leaders through a variety of global programs.