Advancing Girls’ Education and Skills

In 2016, Pakistan ranked second to last in the Global Gender Gap report. More than three million girls are not in school and only one-quarter of Pakistan’s young women enter the labor force. The AGES program provides an integrated, holistic solution through four key components:

  • Education: Increasing access to school and skills training to help girls and young women succeed
  • Work: Partnering with the private sector to create work opportunities for young women
  • Awareness: Engaging communities to encourage girls and young women to reach their full potential
  • Research & Policy: Applying data and analysis to enhance education and workforce policies empowering girls and women.


Egypt STEM Schools Project

The project transformed Egypt’s only STEM school into a collaborative network that serves as a catalyst for system-wide STEM education reform. The eleven model schools, established throughout the country, deliver comprehensive support to students, teachers, and administrators, as well as key policy, private sector, and community stakeholders. Through targeted awareness raising, institutional capacity development, teacher training, curriculum development, and student learning assessment, the STEM model schools serve as incubators for future leaders and innovators who will have the potential to advance research and development initiatives that fuel scientific invention and generate employment opportunities and economic growth.  By the end of the project, 11 schools were equipped with science and Fab Lab equipment, 2,799 students (1,586 boys & 1,213 girls) students were enrolled in STEM schools, 458 students (294 boys, 164 girls) have graduated and gone on to higher education in Egypt and abroad, 604 teachers, 62 school administrators and 503 Ministry of Education officials were trained to maintain and expand the STEM schools, 52 preparatory schools received training and materials to introduce STEM extracurricular activities, and 18 public-private partnerships were formed to support the STEM school network.