Candidates with exceedingly high degree of motivation to work with youth are encouraged to apply. These highly competitive and demanding positions require a significant amount of stamina, positivity, teamwork, flexibility, diplomacy, initiative, as well as extensive cross-cultural experience. Responsibilities of these multifaceted positions include teaching and facilitation, as well a great deal of behind-the-scenes support work. Responsibilities and tasks include the following:

Education and Facilitation

  • Teach workshops on a wide range of topics including arts and leadership;
  • Facilitate small-group discussions and dialogue groups;
  • Co-lead teambuilding activities;
  • Co-facilitate and participate in large-group simulations and role-plays;
  • Speak with confidence and clarity in front of groups of 75 or more on a daily basis;
  • Prepare workshops, simulations, and discussions in short amounts of time;
  • Design new program components on the fly to accommodate student interests;
  • Facilitate “Leaders of the Day” groups.

Student Life

  • Pay close attention to student needs, group dynamics, issues and problems;
  • Monitor student health needs, and facilitate medical attention if required;
  • Nurture and foster the development of positive, supportive relationships among the students;
  • Live on campus, in the dorms with students, during Vermont program weeks, or at various program site locations in other locations;
  • Maintain positive, harmonious, and healthy living conditions;
  • Gather students into their own dorms 15 minutes before room check;
  • Conduct room checks each evening;
  • Ensure that all dorm and program rules are respected by all participants;
  • Mediate and diffuse roommate and other participant disputes and tensions;
  • Facilitate student’s timely arrival at activities;
  • Travel on planes and buses with participants.

Outdoor and Physical

  • Spend significant time outside – in sun, rain, mud, storms, buggy areas, woods, rivers, etc;
  • Instruct and supervise sports electives;
  • Accompany students on all off-campus activities and community field trips;
  • Leaders may be asked to swim in rivers, paddle a canoe, and kayak on flat water.


  • Attend all program components as described in weekly staff schedules;
  • Attend regular staff meetings;
  • Do supply runs to the store at all hours of the day and night;
  • Maintain timely and accurate petty cash accounting;
  • Drive 8 or 12 passenger vans and pick-up trucks, and do airport runs;
  • Take pictures with digital cameras, help manage photo storage, slideshows, etc.;
  • Complete and submit a travel expense report;
  • Complete and submit a program evaluation;
  • Provide voice, text and photo updates to program team while traveling in host community;
  • Other duties, as assigned.