World Learning Youth Programs bring international high school age youth to the U.S. for short-term intensive leadership and peacebuilding programs and exchanges.

The programs have traditional summer camp elements combined with academic content on global issues, civics, peacebuilding, cross-cultural and language studies. All programs follow a similar format of orientation, group development and training in a first location, followed by an excursion to a homestay community and further exploration of the program theme, concluding with re-entry, reflection and, in some cases, project design in a final location. The U.S. programs start in one of three locations: the SIT Graduate Institute campus in Vermont; Washington, DC, or the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The homestay segment is implemented by one of our over 20 local partner organizations spread across the U.S. who design and implement the homestays in close coordination with our staff. Most programs end in Washington, DC. Several programs expect student to create an issue-based project design which will be implemented post-program in their home communities. Some of the domestic programs include U.S. youth and some of our programs take U.S. youth overseas. We have more than 1,000 youth participants on over 20 programs each year.


World Learning seeks individuals who have demonstrated interest in youth development and experiential learning, and experience working with young people and leading high school summer programs. Leaders maximize the wellbeing of participants in order to foster meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Leaders deliver educational content and are knowledgeable in the design and delivery of active, engaging workshops. Leaders also represent World Learning in host communities and manage partner relationships with integrity and professionalism.

World Learning Leaders are dedicated to the field of youth development and love working directly with young people. They are dynamic, flexible, energetic and team players who succeed in multifaceted, intense, fast-paced and collaborative environments. They are professionals who are responsible, and able to manage challenges and uncertainty with poise and compassion and compromise.

Our Leaders

  • Are dynamic, flexible, energetic, pro-active team players;
  • Genuinely enjoy spending time with high school students;
  • Are caring, warm, friendly, and love to laugh;
  • Are willing to put their students’ learning and development ahead of their own experience;
  • Are ready for an intense, challenging, and rewarding summer;
  • Have a high level of social and emotional intelligence;
  • Have organizational and logistical skills;
  • Demonstrate skills and experience in cross-cultural sensitivity and communication;
  • Bring a wide variety of backgrounds and social identities;
  • Are aware of and committed to addressing bias, systemic inequalities, power, privilege, and oppression;
  • Are, above all, educators and Leaders.