Leaders Advancing Democracy-Mongolia Program

Leaders Advancing Democracy-Mongolia Program

Country: Mongolia
Duration: May 2016 to May 2018
Funder: USAID
Contact:  Valery.Nadjibe@worldlearning.org

USAID's Leaders Advancing Democracy-Mongolia (LEAD) Program is a two-year initiative, which will help build the country’s next generation of democratic leaders. Through this cooperative agreement with USAID, World Learning together with its partners International Republican Institute (IRI) and Centre for Citizen Education (CCE) will undertake a variety of leadership programs, international exchanges, and civic education activities. 

The LEAD Program will consist of three important and interconnected activities, which will support promising young leaders to work collaboratively to solve the country's most pressing issues. The program will include a US-Mongolia Emerging Leaders Exchange Program with 90 young leaders from different sectors; a Mongolia Emerging Leaders Alliance, which will connect Mongolian emerging leaders from counterparts in the region and position them as regional leaders; and a civic education curriculum development and citizen engagement component with high school students. 

World Learning, IRI and CEE are honored to partner with USAID on this important initiative to support Mongolia’s best and brightest young democracy advocates to realize their vision for positive change in their country. At the conclusion of the LEAD Program, these young up-and-coming leaders will have the requisite skills, knowledge, and networks to engage constructively with and within their government, communities, or other institutions for improved democratic outcomes.

World Learning is pleased to announce the application is now open for the LEAD-Mongolia U.S. Exchange Program.

LEAD-Mongolia  is looking for 30 qualified Mongolian emerging leaders from across the country to take part in this important initiative. LEAD-Mongolia will help to shape the next generation of democratic champions through a variety of leadership opportunities, a three-week U.S. exchange, skills building training, and project implementation.

The program will focus on three policy challenges: (1) environment and urbanization, (2) poverty alleviation and unemployment, and (3) transparency and anti-corruption. LEAD Mongolia is open to applicants between the ages of 25 and 40 who are able to articulate their unique vision for positive democratic development in Mongolia. Detailed information about the program, participant criteria, and instructions for submission are included in the online application or in the PDF application form. Applicants are encouraged to apply using the online application.

Applications for the 2017 LEAD Mongolia U.S. Exchange Program are due by 28 May 2017.

Please direct all questions to the World Learning Mongolia office at LEADMongolia@worldlearning.org or follow the program on Facebook or on Twitter @MongoliaLeads.


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