English language proficiency is an increasingly vital skill to access and succeed in higher education and the global workforce.

Group of TESOL participantsYet many people around the world—often in the poorest and most disadvantaged areas—are unable to obtain quality English language training. Many countries now mandate that their education systems move from mother tongue to English language instruction during primary or secondary education and require support to manage the transition. World Learning’s methodology is based on experiential, reflective learning that results in long-lasting change, and our emphasis on locally identified priorities ensures that language education is accessible and relevant. Training English language teachers and developing the capacity of governments and educational institutions to implement English language instruction programs allows more people to obtain these skills and helps prepare individuals, communities, and countries to thrive in the 21st century.  Building on decades of experience with course delivery, we also support host countries’ international development goals through comprehensive English language education reform programs. Partners include ministries and state departments of education, local and regional education authorities, small and large higher education and vocational training institutions, and community organizations in countries across the globe.

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