Participant Training

In all of our global training, we bring to bear World Learning’s decades-long expertise in delivering experiential learning programs that incorporate the best current thinking in adult learning for sustainable results.

For the U.S. Agency for International Development, since 1982, we have administered USAID-funded participant training programs for well over 100,000 people from around the world. These programs address country development goals by providing people with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills and are designed to address the needs of participants and their workplaces, communities and systems.

For the U.S. Department of State and other donors and clients, we administer a range of programs that develop leadership and technical skills. For example, the Leaders for Democracy Fellows program combines workshop-style leadership training with carefully crafted internship placements in the US and Lebanon, to support emerging leaders from across the Middle East. Other current programs address critical technical needs, such as secure management of ports and borders.

Training programs always include cultural elements and people-to-people experiences, such as homestays. These elements serve to deepen the overall learning experience. We carry out training programs wherever they will have the most impact and be most cost effective to clients and donors, -- in home countries, in the US, or in “third” countries. We have a menu of training and training-related services, including context analysis, needs assessment, design and delivery of short-term professional programs, long-term degree programs, leadership workshops, conferences, on-the-job learning experiences, internships and distance learning approaches. We also field international experts to provide technical assistance and manage small grants programs and a variety of other alumni support.

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