Professional Exchanges

Each year, World Learning provides thousands of professionals with new connections, perspectives, and skills through exchangesparticipant training, and higher education.

Through professional exchanges such as the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), the Professional Fellows Program, the Alumni TIES Seminars, the US Speaker Program, and the Arts Envoy Program, we connect emerging leaders and subject-matter experts from more than 150 countries on programs in the United States and other countries. We offer short-term learning experiences for individuals seeking professional development through links to U.S. and international colleagues, new insights, and a broader view of core U.S. values and culture. Professional exchanges include site visits, meetings, panel discussions, lectures, fellowships, community service, and other experiential activities, that enable participants to discover the dimensions and context of their own professions in the United States and abroad, make lasting contacts with peers and colleagues, and share insight about their activities at home. Learn more about our approach to professional exchanges.

Since 1982, we have administered U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) participant training programs for over 102,876 people. These programs provide people with opportunities to acquire new skills and are designed to address the needs of participants, as well as the needs of their workplaces and communities. We carry out training programs for participants around the world in sectors including agriculture, economic development, education, public health, youth leadership, and more. Learn more about our approach to participant training.

Through its accredited higher education institution, World Learning has provided language teacher education programs for nearly 50 years. Today, World Learning and SIT offer an internationally recognized suite of courses and programs for teachers new to the field or those with experience in the United States and abroad, all of which are accredited and either standardized and internationally portable or tailored to the needs of particular stakeholders. Learn more about our approach to TESOL training.

Learn more about our professional exchanges.

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