Group of TESOL participantsEnglish language proficiency is an increasingly vital skill to access and succeed in higher education and the global workforce. Yet many people around the world—often in the poorest and most disadvantaged areas—are unable to obtain quality English language training. Many countries now mandate that their education systems move from mother tongue to English language instruction during primary or secondary education and require support to manage the transition. World Learning’s methodology is based on experiential, reflective learning that results in long-lasting change, and our emphasis on locally identified priorities ensures that language education is accessible and relevant. Training English language teachers and developing the capacity of governments and educational institutions to implement English language instruction programs allows more people to obtain these skills and helps prepare individuals, communities, and countries to thrive in the 21st century.  Building on decades of experience with course delivery, we also support host countries’ international development goals through comprehensive English language education reform programs. Partners include ministries and state departments of education, local and regional education authorities, small and large higher education and vocational training institutions, and community organizations in countries across the globe.

Map of TESOL programming

In addition to SIT’s MA in TESOL—offered in on-campus and low-residency formats—World Learning TESOL offerings include certificate programs, online courses, distance language proficiency assessments, and visitor and cross-cultural exchanges that focus on developing English language teaching skills and exposing participants to the diversity of US society.

Courses for teachers new to communicative teaching methodology:

  • SIT TESOL Certificate Program – Our internationally recognized, accredited teaching certificate will give you an edge in your pursuit of a career in language teaching.
  • SIT Best Practices in TESOL Program – Customized cohort-based courses are designed to provide practicing teachers with the resources to improve students’ performance and further their own careers.

Customized courses for teachers of varied experience:

For more information on our TESOL and language teacher education programs, visit the SIT Language Teacher Education page.

World Learning also provides a variety of customized TESOL training and services to serve specific needs. Please email tesolcert@sit.edu for information about any of the following offerings.

  • English for the Workforce
  • Business Writing 
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)—for university faculty teaching in English to speakers of other languages
  • Best Practices in TESOL for Adult Education (Literacy and Civics)
  • Best Practices in Teaching Business English
  • Best Practices in TESOL for Specific Purposes
  • Best Practices in TESOL for Academic Purposes
  • Best Practices in TESOL (General Pedagogy)
  • Best Practices for Supervisors
  • Best Practices in Teacher Training
  • English Language Teaching to Foster Hope, Tolerance, and Community
  • English Language Teaching to Young Learners
  • Reflection in Education
  • IDEA: Collaborative Inquiry in Education


  • English language proficiency assessment

Exchange Programs

  • U.S. Cultural Immersion Institute: fostering intercultural skills and leadership in TESOL
  • Any of our programs can be combined with U.S. exchanges

Distance Learning

  • Teaching Grammar Communicatively
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Early Grade Reading for Language Learners
  • Designing Materials for English Language Classrooms
  • Assessment for English Language Teachers
  • Teaching Writing in the English Language Classroom

World Learning also provides TESOL training and English language education as a component of some international development programs, operating in Algeria, Pakistan, Egypt, and many other countries. See the map below for a sampling of the ways in which we integrate English language education in our international development work.

World Learning Customized English Language Programs

I loved everything about my course! After the first session I found myself in a family atmosphere of learning and it helped me engage in every activity and even my homework passionately. Now that I am finished I feel confident and proud to teach.

Participant in TESOL training, 2013

  • Accredited
  • Nearly 50 years of language teacher education
  • Internationally recognized programs
  • Provides credentials needed for international and U.S.-based job market

World Learning's accredited language teacher training is recognized worldwide. In Europe, the SIT TESOL Certificate has been assessed as a Level 5 qualification, equivalent to mid-level undergraduate work in the UK.

For more than 50 years, SIT Graduate Institute, a program of World Learning, has been one of the world’s leading teacher education institutions. Our customized programs are designed to provide teachers with valuable resources to advance their careers and improve students’ performance. Our approach places a premium on experiential learning and hands-on teaching.

Low participant-to-trainer ratios in our courses ensure a supportive learning environment and individualized attention from licensed trainers. Through experiential learning, teachers develop the attitude, knowledge, and skills to make meaningful, effective changes to their work.

From the outset, our courses and workshops build on concrete scenarios applicable to the classroom. Trainers carefully guide groups in analysis of shared real-world experiences so that participants collectively arrive at key insights. Our experience shows that this hands-on group approach results in learning that is more deeply integrated with participants’ preexisting knowledge and skills.

Our courses carry the guarantee of quality associated with SIT Graduate Institute, World Learning’s accredited higher learning institution and a global leader in TESOL. Our graduates join a worldwide network of experienced educators who are dedicated to quality and innovation.

Learn more about Language Teacher Training at SIT Graduate Institute.

Directions for how to apply to most of our TESOL programs are provided on individual program pages. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at tesolcert@sit.edu.

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