Youth Leadership Program On Demand

Country: United States    |   Duration: September 2013 to December 2016    |   Funder: U.S. Department of State    |   Contact:

Program Description

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) On Demand is a unique program created to serve the U.S. Embassies' emerging needs. The program supports high school youth and adult educators' participation in intensive, substantive three-week exchanges in the United States.

The exchange activities introduces participants to a comprehensive survey of civic education, community service, and youth leadership development. The students and educators will participate in workshops, community service activities, meetings with community leaders, and discussion groups and will have opportunities for substantive interaction with each other and their American peers.

Program Cycle

Youth Leadership Programs commence at World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont, or at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Students then travel in smaller cohorts to host communities across the country. All programs conclude in Washington, DC.

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Program Goals

as defined by the Department of State

  • Promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries;
  • Prepare youth leaders to become responsible citizens and contributing members of their communities; and
  • Foster relationships among youth from different ethnic, religious, and national groups.


Previous Programs Include:

  • YLP with Burma (2012)
  • Youth Leadership Peace Program (2012)
  • YLP with Libya, Egypt & Tunisia (2012)
  • The Christopher Stevens Youth Network Leadership Exchange (2013)
  • YLP with Bolivia, Colombia & Ecuador (2014)
  • YLP with New Zealand & Australia (2014)
  • YLP with Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova (2016)
  • YLP for Our Ocean with China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand (2016)


Participating in the program made me more confident in myself and in my ideas. Rather than keeping them for my own, I started sharing and applying them within my community. The workshops that I attended during the program helped me build the courage that I have now.

YLP Participant from Libya

Program Links

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Visit the Youth Leadership Program on Demand Tumblr for South America and New Zealand and Australia.