Training for Pakistan

Training for Pakistan

Country: Pakistan
Duration: May 2013 to May 2018
Funder: USAID

Training for Pakistan (TFP) is a five-year, USAID-funded project that provides participant training services to USAID/Pakistan's sector teams. The project focus areas include Democracy and Governance, Education, Energy, Economic Growth and Health. The project delivers training that harnesses the full range of USAID participant training resources to contribute to the capacity development of partners across the Mission’s portfolio.

Through TFP, the US Government supports the Kerry-Lugar-Berman priority of expanding people-to-people engagement between Pakistan and the United States through increased educational, technical, and cultural exchanges. It also contributes to USAID/Pakistan’s vision of building the capacity of Pakistan’s public and private organizations.

Training for Pakistan’s primary objectives are to enhance the capacity of future Pakistani leaders and professionals and develop the capacity of local partners.

The project organizes training programs across the globe where expertise exists: in Pakistan, in third countries and/or in the United States. The project aims to train about 6,000 local beneficiaries over next four years.

The project is funded by the US Agency for International Development as a task order under the Focus on Results: Enhancing Capacity across Sectors in Transition II-Participant Training contract (FORECAST II-PT). World Learning works in partnership with the Pakistani organization LEAD Pakistan and the US small business Risk and Strategic Management Consulting (RSM). For additional information see


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