Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors

Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors

Country: Global
Duration: August 2008 to June 2018
Funder: USAID
Partners: Albania Disabilty Rights Foundation , Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya , Catholic Relief Services , Christian Blind Mission International, Inc , Christian Blind Mission/Zimbabwe , Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise , CURE International , EveryChild , Handicap International , International Nepal Fellowship , International Rescue Committee , International Rescue Committee/Thailand , Leonard Cheshire Disability , Motivation Charitable Trust/Sri Lanka , Motivation Romania Foundation , Reach Out & Care Wheels, Inc , San Francisco State University for Whirlwind Wheelchair International , St. Boniface Haiti Foundation , The Motivation Charitable Trust , UCP Wheels for Humanity , University of Iowa , World Institute on Disability , World Vision
Contact:  gsm@worldlearning.org Luisa.Angelsmith@worldlearning.org

Request for Proposals for Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors (SPANS) Grant Solicitation and Management (GSM)

Evaluation Consultant of End of Project Evaluation of the Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors (SPANS) Grant Solicitation and Management (GSM) 


SPANS GSM supports service delivery, training and related activities to assist vulnerable populations including displaced children and orphans, war victims, and persons with disabilities in 33 countries.

World Learning awards grants on behalf of USAID to:

  • Wheelchair Program Fund: Supporting wheelchair provision, including research, testing, and developing international standards.
  • Displaced Children's and Orphans Fund: Preventing inappropriate institutionalization of children; assisting formerly institutionalized children to integrate into communities; working with ministries to develop appropriate child protection methods; providing emergency child protection measures in conflict situations; and promoting early childhood development for vulnerable children.
  • Leahy War Victims Fund: Improving data and information about the use and utility of prosthetic and orthotic devices and physical therapy as part of a rehabilitation continuum; vocation and economic strengthening for people with disabilities; and strengthening disabled people's organizations.
  • Disabilities Fund: Support for activities related to disability issues that cannot be included in the above categories but still fit with the overall SPANS GSM objective of improved health for vulnerable populations.

World Learning administers the SPANS GSM grant-making process, from identifying potential grantees, to soliciting applications, to monitoring project implementation, to closeout. To promote and communicate the efforts of SPANS GSM, World Learning also organizes periodic meetings and produces a variety of publications.

Current grantees:



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