Linking Education and Employment Program in Egypt

Linking Education and Employment Program in Egypt

Country: Egypt
Duration: June 2012 to December 2015
Funder: USAID

World Learning’s Linking Education and Employment Program (LEEP) supports the simultaneous development of three career development centers in underserved and geographically diverse regions in Egypt. The program builds the capacity of these universities to equip students and graduates with the skills needed to gain employment and create sustainable linkages with local and national businesses to ease the transition from school to work.

LEEP interrupts this disconnect between education and productive work for Egyptian youth by linking partner universities with public and private sector industries to create tangible opportunities for students and recent graduates across academic disciplines. World Learning emphasizes the integration of sustainability into all aspects of the program to ensure that students and faculty are able to take advantage of innovative career services and resources that will directly impact students’ ability to seek and gain professional employment. LEEP works with Fayoum University, Port Said University, and South Valley University to strengthen links to business, industry, and civil society.


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