Leaders Advancing Democracy-Mongolia Program

Country: Mongolia    |   Duration: May 2016 to May 2018    |   Funder: USAID    |   Contact:  asfia.tareen@worldlearning.org

Program Description

USAID's Leaders Advancing Democracy (LEAD) Mongolia Program is a two-year initiative helping to build the country's next generation of democratic leaders.

Through this cooperative agreement with USAID, World Learning together with its partners International Republican Institute (IRI) and Center for Citizen Education (CCE) are undertaking a variety of leadership programs, international exchanges, and civic education activities. 

The LEAD Mongolia Program consists of three important and interconnected activities, designed to support promising young leaders to work collaboratively to solve the country's most pressing issues. The program includes a U.S.-Mongolia Emerging Leaders Exchange Program with 100 young leaders from different sectors; an international LEAD Alliance, which connects Mongolian emerging leaders with like-minded peers in other countries and positions them as regional leaders; and a civic education curriculum development and citizen engagement component with high school students. 

World Learning, IRI and CEE are partnering with USAID on this important initiative to support Mongolia’s best and brightest young democracy advocates to realize their vision for positive change in their country. At the conclusion of the LEAD Mongolia Program, these young up-and-coming leaders will have the requisite skills, knowledge, and networks to engage constructively with and within their government, communities, or other institutions for improved democratic outcomes.


Application for the 2017 LEAD Mongolia U.S. Exchange Program is now closed.

Program Goals

LEAD Mongolia is working with Mongolia's best and brightest young leaders, providing them opportunities to breathe life into their vision of positive change.  Our three core program activities include:

  • An intensive Emerging Leaders Program involving 90 young leaders from different sectors who come together under LEAD Mongolia to build skills, network, and put their ideas into action through project implementation. 
  • The LEAD Alliance connecting Mongolian Emerging Leaders with counterparts in the region positioning them as champions for regional democracy. 
  • Civic education curriculum development and citizen engagement initiatives with high school students. 

LEAD Mongolia


LEAD Mongolia

The Leaders Advancing Democracy (LEAD) Mongolia program, held the first LEAD Alliance Summit in Ulaanbaatar on May 3-5 for 45 emerging leaders from Mongolia, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, and Bhutan. The International Republican Institute, one of World Learning's partners on LEAD Mongolia, hosted the summit, which opened with a keynote address from U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia Jennifer Z. Galt; Mongolian Deputy Foreign Minister B. Battsetseg; and USAID Mission Director to the Philippines, Pacific Islands, and Mongolia Dr. Susan Brems. During the three-day conference, fellows participated in a range of activities including technical skills breakout sessions, inspirational lightening talks, a panel discussion on Mongolia's story of democratic transition, and networking events with representatives from the public and private sectors and academia.


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