Algeria PLUS Program

Algeria PLUS Program

Country: Algeria
Duration: September 2013 to August 2016
Funder: U.S. Department of State

In collaboration with U.S. Embassy in Algiers, World Learning works with five selected schools in Annaba, Algiers, Adrar, Boumerdes, and Jijel to develop and implement a comprehensive package of English language instruction, civic engagement and social entrepreneurship activities for at-risk youth. The program focuses on improving the English language skills of youth participants while providing them career counseling, pre-employment training and leadership skills which incorporate themes around counteracting violent extremism (CVE), thus helping youth make responsible decisions about their future career paths and how they interact with their communities.  

Throughout the project, World Learning will work with these identified schools to build their capacity to develop and implement the above activities, both through targeted training and mentoring opportunities, as well as a small grants program to cover operating costs and additional activities. The Career Planning portion of the program is organized around four principal areas: a) identifying appropriate career paths based on individual skills, personality traits, and dreams; b) developing soft skills for successful entrance into the world of work; c) building confidence and leadership skills through targeted civic education training that links with future employability; d) identifying and accessing opportunities to use their new skills in a positive and supportive setting. Each student will participate in the program for a total of two years, receiving a minimum of 360 hours of instruction, plus enhancement activities (including volunteer programs, plays, field trips, etc). In addressing the above, targeted youth will not have only developed workforce readiness skills, but will also be less susceptible to the influence of extremist groups. 

To follow more closely the programs World Learning operates in Algeria, check out World Learning-Algeria’s social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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