DURATION: 12/07/2016 - 02/28/2018

Program Description

The Job Readiness Skills for the Civil Society Sector in Myanmar project trained participants to enter and contribute to the country’s growing civil society sector.

With Myanmar’s increase in civil society organizations since undertaking democratic reforms in recent years, the sector has struggled to find and retain enough qualified and talented staff. At the same time, Myanmar’s large youth population seeks productive ways to channel their energies and desire for improved conditions in their communities as well as the skills and knowledge to do so.

Through this project, World Learning built upon its Institute for Political and Civic Education (iPACE) to conduct a series of workshops that prepared participants to work in civil society organizations by building their understanding of the role and work of civil society, developing skills to advance effectiveness in the workplace, and improving their job search and professional soft skills. Six workshops were held across Myanmar engaging more than 200 young people from all regions, ethnicities, and religions.

Program Goals

  • To equip participants with practical knowledge and new connections to build their civil society network.
  • To improve participants’ confidence and ability to gain valuable employment in Myanmar’s civil society sector and play an important role in advancing the country’s democratic transition.

Workshop Themes

Workshop sessions focused on three main themes:

  1. Understanding the work of civil society
    What civil society is and what it does; stakeholders and their roles (e.g., constituents, change‐makers, and donors); civil society’s impact; and basic program design.
  2. Professionalism in the workplace
    Critical soft skills such as time management; communication; leadership styles; working with diverse colleagues and constituents; and workplace etiquette.
  3. How to find a job
    Presentation and interview skills; resume writing and researching jobs; and the importance of networking.

Job Readiness by Numbers

201 Alumni | 46% Male | 54% Female | 21+ Ethnicities | 4 Religions | All 14 States and Regions of Myanmar

The workshops had a 100 percent graduation rate, meaning that not a single participant dropped out of the course. As a result of the project’s activities, these participants are better prepared to successfully enter Myanmar’s professional workforce and productively contribute to the civil society sector. Participants who successfully completed the course received certificates and are now a part of World Learning’s extensive iPACE alumni network of over 2,300 civil society leaders throughout Myanmar, further expanding their scope of opportunities and professional networks.