COUNTRIES: Indonesia
DURATION: 02/02/2024 - 02/27/2025
FUNDER: U.S. Embassy in Jakarta
PARTNER: Cengage Learning
CONTACT[email protected]

Program Description

The English Language Teacher Training (ELTT) 2024 Program is a blended (online and in-person) teacher training program supporting English teachers in Indonesia to develop as professionals and teach English in English using learner-centered, communicative methods.

Through this program, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, World Learning aims to increase the capacity and effectiveness of English language teachers and teacher educators in Indonesia, support inclusive student education and professional development of teachers, and promote interactive, learner-centered education practices.

In this third iteration of the original ELTT Program, World Learning will support the professional development of 40 teacher trainers and 480 English language teachers in Indonesia, enabling them to increase their competency in teaching English using communicative, learner-centered methods and enhance the learning experience and English proficiency of Indonesian students.

The English language teachers who participate in the program complete two self-paced online courses developed by National Geographic Learning: English for Teaching and Professional Knowledge for English Language Teachers. The participants are also divided into Peer Learning Hubs—small groups of 10-12 teachers—to help them contextualize the course content through collaboration and provide a professional learning community in which they interact to gain a deeper understanding of course content.

Local teacher trainers, trained by World Learning, lead these Peer Learning Hubs and deliver eight in-person, standardized workshops that integrate experiential learning, interactive practice, and reflection to supplement the online courses. The local teacher trainers further support participants by building community, providing direct and individualized support, guiding reflection and goal setting, and encouraging teachers to apply what they’re learning to their classrooms.

In the final stage of the program, World Learning will implement a five-day skill-building course, Essential Skills in ELT and Teacher Training (ESETT), for the 40 local teacher trainers of the ELTT program. This course will strengthen the trainers’ skills in designing, implementing, and reflecting on interactive teacher-development workshops, building on their experience as trainers in the ELTT program.

Learn more and view past participant testimonials on our YouTube channel.

Program Goals

  • To enhance learning experiences for youth studying English in madrassahs, pesantrens, and Ministry of Education-affiliated schools across Indonesia.
  • To support democratic, student-centered, interactive classroom practices that incorporate critical thinking skill development.

Program Objectives

  • Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Education–affiliated university faculty will develop new confidence and skills to design and facilitate English language teacher professional development and strengthen professional networks.
  • Indonesian English language teachers will be more effective at teaching students to use English to communicate by increasing the amount of English they use in teaching and by relying on more learner-centered, communicative methods that encourage student agency and autonomy.