Publication Date: June 9, 2020
Publication Location: WASHINGTON
Contact: Kathryn Schoenberger   |   [email protected]

World Learning and School for International Training (SIT) have entered into a new partnership with Diversity Abroad to create positive systemic change in the institution. This process aims to ensure the organization is upholding its core values, especially social inclusion and justice. Diversity Abroad is the leading professional consortium of educational institutions, government agencies, and for-profit and non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusive good practices that increase access, achieve equitable diversity, and foster inclusive excellence in global education.

Beginning in July, Diversity Abroad will work with World Learning and SIT to develop a strategic approach to increase participation, provide end-to-end inclusive support, and support the academic and professional success of underrepresented students and participants who take part in its education abroad and exchange programs. To best support staff and faculty and serve students and participants, the institution’s internal processes, policies, and operations also align with its values. Under this initiative, Diversity Abroad will work within the following areas:

Strategy and Communications

  • Staffing, Hiring, and Retention
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Communication and Partnerships


  • Organizational Operations
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Assessment and Evaluation

​Academics and Student / Participant Success

  • Curricular and Co-curricular activities
  • Advising and Student / Participant Support

The process will work across the institution and include interviews, focus groups, and other means to solicit input, understand the organization, and provide a roadmap for change. This is an important journey World Learning and SIT must take in order to ensure the organization is living up to its ideals and fulfilling its mission of creating a more peaceful and just world.

World Learning Inc. is a thriving global organization made up of The Experiment in International Living, the nation’s most experienced provider of international education through exchanges for high school students; School for International Training, offering accredited undergraduate study abroad programs through SIT Study Abroad and internationally focused master’s degrees through SIT Graduate Institute; and World Learning, a global development and exchange nonprofit organization.