InterAction Disability Inclusion Award

World Learning was honored to receive the 2015 Disability Inclusion Award during the annual InterAction Forum in Washington, DC, and helped highlight the importance of inclusion with a workshop on the benefits of disability partnerships in international programs. InterAction President and CEO Sam Worthington said the honor recognized World Learning’s commitment to forging partnerships with civic institutions, governments, and international organizations to advocate for disability rights and inclusion, noting that “disability plays a full and central role in what they are as an institution.”

World Learning President and CEO Donald Steinberg, Program Officer Amy Reid, and SIT Graduate Institute alumna and disability rights activist Justice Shorter accepted the award. Steinberg told the audience that World Learning is “conscious” and “purposeful” in its efforts to address disability issues in four areas: involving people with disabilities in creating and implementing programs, considering disability issues within all programs, being a good partner and thought leader on disability inclusion, and ensuring World Learning is an accessible and accommodating organization.

"When we come together, we are a group that can’t be ignored.” — David Morrissey

Steinberg noted that programs can’t effectively address major issues such as healthcare, education and housing without the input of the estimated one billion people around the world with disabilities. He said including people with disabilities has numerous benefits for the organization, including “the diverse views they bring, from the ground truth that they provide, and from their own contributions.” World Learning also underscored the value of inclusion in its workshop focused on strengthening international programs through disability inclusion partnerships. David Morrissey, executive director of the US International Council on Disabilities and a member of World Learning’s Global Advisory Council, summed up the workshop, saying, “When we come together, we are a group that can’t be ignored.”