World Learning Opens Another Window Onto the World—IVLP Summer Arrivals

World Learning is proud to announce another important season of summer visitors from around the world to participate in an extraordinary learning experience. Each year, the International Visitor Leadership Program—the State Department’s premier professional exchange program—brings about 4,500 visitors to the US to engage current and emerging leaders in a variety of fields, working with private sector partners. World Learning, and its predecessor Delphi International, have been developing these programs for more than 25 years. World Learning is currently the second-largest private sector partner and is responsible for designing and administering programs for about 850 international visitors from 140 countries annually.

Beginning in July, participants will be arriving from countries as diverse as India and Israel, Poland and Mongolia, Afghanistan and The Republic of Georgia, Thailand and Ukraine and regions as vast as the Western Hemisphere and the Middle East as well as from across Europe. Israelis and Palestinians will examine community arts in America, while participants from Qatar will explore youth volunteerism. Other topics include gender-based violence, the role of trade unions, civil society building and the role of community colleges in workforce development.

“These current and emerging leaders represent the global present and the future,” said World Learning President and CEO Donald Steinberg. “These are the people who will solve the problems that affect all of us and we are delighted to continue to design and administer the programs that enrich their time in America.”

Posted by: on July 3, 2014