World Learning Names Senior Leadership Team for 2014

Donald Steinberg, president and CEO of World Learning, today announced a new organizational structure and named various members of his senior leadership team for 2014, ensuring the continued growth of the well-respected 80 year-old organization that advances education, exchange and development around the world.

Steinberg named a new chief financial officer, Kevin Comerford, as well as Carol Jenkins as executive vice president for global development. He also elevated the position of John Lucas to executive vice president for academic affairs, in addition to provost of SIT (the School for International Training). The team reflects a more integrated and distributed model designed to bring internal cohesion to the organization.

 “World Learning must continue to be an inclusive institution drawing on the talents and expertise of diverse leaders,” said Steinberg. “These individuals — along with the continuing contributions of Lisa Gurwitch, Lisa Rae, Ross Gibson and Bethaney LaClair — combine the best traditions of World Learning and the values that have sustained the integrity of World Learning with new, cutting edge skills to ensure our financial stability, integration and technological growth. This new structure brings distributed authority to the institution and ensures good decision making.”

World Learning’s mission is to empower a new generation of global citizens to build peace, prosperity, inclusion and responsive government. It includes the highly regarded academic accredited institution, SIT, based in Brattleboro, Vt., including SIT Graduate Institute, SIT Study Abroad, and the International Honors Program; The Experiment in International Living; the Washington, D.C., and internationally based development programs; and activities in 60 countries around the world. Its work includes exchanges, study abroad, capacity building, leadership training, disabilities work, masters’ programs and skill-building practical training in areas such as human rights, climate change, women’s empowerment, ethnicity, conflict resolution and civil society engagement.

World Learning also works on monitoring and evaluation for professionals from the World Bank, USAID, NGOs, and others to build a strong cadre of youth leaders and community leaders to solve global problems and bring about sustainable change.

Steinberg has outlined 2014 priorities as continued commitment to inclusive development, cutting edge technologies, robust academic and development programs, new partnerships with government, civil society and the private sector, and ensuring the resources to improve the lives of more young people, citizens and leaders in the decades to come.

Posted by: on January 9, 2014