"Experiment" in High Gear


CONTACT: Kathryn Schoenberger in Washington DC, 202 464-6979

Washington, DC (June 17, 2014)

The Experiment in International Living, the founding program of World Learning, announced today its summer plans and programs reflecting growing interest among young people in meaningful summer abroad programs focused on global issues such as the environment and human rights. The Experiment is unique in that it provides an authentic home stay, language training and practical experience in communities abroad. This summer 480 Experimenters will travel from the United States to 20 countries around the world, including Spain, France and Mexico, as well as less traditional locations like Mongolia, South Africa and Ecuador. This year’s students hail from 37 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and 11 other countries including Canada, Israel, Thailand and Uganda. The top sending states are New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

“We are extremely proud of The Experiment,” said Donald Steinberg, president and CEO of World Learning, noting how diverse the participant community has become because of donors, scholarships and partnerships with organizations that extend the reach of the program to those with different backgrounds and incomes.

“We are preparing young people to be global citizens,” added Aaron Morehouse, executive director of The Experiment. “The program helps students improve language, leadership capabilities and the experiences that enable them to solve global problems by gaining unique community-based skills and intercultural learning.”

Begun over 80 years ago as a cross-cultural program for high school students, The Experiment builds on a long tradition of Americans forging relationships abroad with individuals and communities leading to lifelong relationships and learning. Recently the First Lady, Michelle Obama referenced youth cultural engagement on a trip to China saying “…studying abroad is quickly becoming the key to success in our global economy….getting ahead in today’s workplaces is also about having real experience with the world beyond your borders—experience with languages, cultures, and societies very different from your own.”