Grants Management

Every grant is the result of World Learning's tried and tested approach to local partnership: recruiting partner organizations, reviewing proposals, assessing institutional capacity, and ensuring the effective use of donor funds to achieve mutual goals.

World Learning leads in the use of grantmaking as a development tool. World Learning’s approach is one of local partnership – we work hands-on with our grantee partners, ensuring both their needs and the donors’ needs are met. We also promote local sustainability of grants, combining funding for local activities with targeted technical assistance and training. Many of our grants also promote buy-in by matching contributions from partners in the community. 

We have worked with individual NGOs as well as networks and intermediary organizations in development sectors ranging from health and education to democracy and enterprise development.

We have extensive experience in managing and dispersing grants under USAID and other donor funded programs. Our grants programs have total funds as large as $79 million; individual grants have ranged from as little as $500 to as much as $3.5 million. World Learning has developed tools and mechanisms to evaluate and select partner grantee organizations to assure their viability for participation in our projects and beyond. Regardless of the level of funding provided, each successful grant was the result of World Learning's localized, participatory, and partnership-focused approach to working with local organizations.

At the crossroads of capacity development and grant making is the Participatory Institutional Analysis (PIA), which measures the sophistication and developmental stages of partner organizations in a number of areas and supports them as they plan to improve. This tool provides the local partner with a roadmap for their future growth, beyond the life of the grant.

Our grants management approach includes hands-on training and mentoring for grantees, which—together with the performance analysis—assures grantees' sustainability throughout the project and beyond. This approach also ensures that both donor and grantee goals are met under each award.

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