How we do it

All World Learning programs are built around five key principles.

The first is what we call our “Experiential Learning approach to collaborating with community partners to tailor our work to the local, cultural context, makes what we do more effective and sustainable. We also evaluate and reflect on each program after it is completed to measure its impact and discover ways to improve future programs. Our programs develop leaders who have a strong sense of civic responsibility, can establish relationships with diverse groups of people, and have the knowledge and skills to create positive change in their communities. We promote inclusion across our programs by making sure typically marginalized groups, such as women, people with disabilities, LGBT persons and religious and ethnic minorities are represented. Their contributions improve our programs and help us expand their reach by drawing on the full knowledge, experience, and skills of all parts of society.  Our work strengthens institutions to better serve their communities by helping them develop more effective and accountable systems and policies. Finally, we continuously seek innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges by partnering with a diverse group of individuals, communities, and institutions.

How can I help?

Our global impact depends on you. Your gift will touch lives in dozens of countries thanks to World Learning's decades of experience and extensive local networks on the ground.

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