World Learning is creating a more peaceful and just world through our education, sustainable development, and exchange programs. We can’t do it alone—our volunteers help us make a difference.

Currently, we offer volunteer opportunities only with our professional exchange programs, which bring adults from around the world to the U.S. to gain insight into their chosen fields, build networks, and deepen their understanding of American culture and society. Learn about those opportunities below or check back in the future for potential volunteer opportunities in our other program areas.

Share your expertise:

Participants on our programs often meet with their American counterparts in their professional fields, to exchange ideas and best practices and to learn from each other. Typically, these meetings last one to two hours and are arranged on a voluntary (unpaid) basis. If you would like to meet emerging leaders in your field from a variety of countries, and if you have an area of expertise that you would be willing to share with international visitors, please contact us at to discuss.

Host a dinner for professionals from all over the world:

World Learning’s exchange programs bring more than 2,000 students and professionals to the U.S. each year in pursuit of cross-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Become a part of a globalized world by hosting our visitors for dinner at your home.

Volunteer to share your home for an evening with participants on the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). By welcoming these professional exchange visitors for an informal meal, you gain the opportunity to share food, stories, and cultural exploration with people from all over the world. Visitors cite home hospitality as a favorite and meaningful component of their program as it gives them an opportunity to experience American culture outside of the office and build personal connections with citizens like you. Make new friends and gain insight into the world! Apply below or contact us at for more information.

Apply to Host a Dinner