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World Learning Inc.'s International Development Programs prepare communities worldwide to effectively address critical issues such as poverty and exclusion, youth participation, educational access and quality, the spread of HIV/AIDS, the marginalization of women and children, and government accountability. We work with local partners to identify specific needs, resources, and challenges. This valuable local context informs the design and implementation of custom development activities, and ensures that our partners invest deeply in projects and provide the local leadership required to secure long-term success.

World Learning Inc.

Our Programs and Projects  in Development

Promoting Education, Altruism, and Civic Engagement in Algeria
(Past Project)

Angola: Eye Kutoloka–NGOs Engaged in Health

Caribbean HIV/AIDS Grants Solicitation and Management Project

Institute for Political and Civic Engagement (IPACE) in Burma (Myanmar)

Education Consortium for the Advancement of STEM in Egypt (ECASE)

MULU Worksite Project in Ethiopia