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English Teacher Training in Burundi

Through its accredited higher education institution, World Learning has provided language teacher education programs for nearly 50 years. SIT’s master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) was the first of its kind to professionalize English language instruction to non-native speakers.

Today, World Learning and SIT offer a well-integrated and internationally recognized suite of courses and programs for teacher educators and in-service English language teachers in the United States and abroad, all of which are accredited and either standardized and internationally portable, or tailored to the needs of particular stakeholders.

In addition to SIT’s MA in TESOL—offered in on-campus and low-residency formats—World Learning TESOL offerings include English teaching certificate programs, online courses, distance language proficiency assessments, and visitor and cross-cultural exchanges that focus on developing English language teaching skills and exposing participants to the diversity of US society.

World Learning English language education development projects range from curriculum reform at the national level to smaller projects that focus on strengthening institutional capacity. In Algeria, we have worked with the Ministry of National Education to implement educational reform in English language teaching. These efforts  included developing teacher competency and student evaluation frameworks, creating middle and high school level curriculum, training teachers and national inspectors, and creating a national online teachers' and inspectors' forum. 

In the United States, World Learning has collaborated with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to help meet the need for more English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers in the state’s public schools. This project helped elementary school teachers gain ESL endorsements on their licensures through a training and capacity building program that combines online and in-person components, and balances theory and practice to produce effective, licensed ESL teachers. 

For more information on our TESOL and language teacher education programs, visit the SIT Language Teacher Education page.


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