Legislative Fellows Program for Pakistan and India

Legislative Fellows Program for India and Pakistan

Countries: India, Pakistan
Duration: September 2013 to December 2018
Funder: US Dept. of State - Bureau of Educational and Cult
Contact:  megan.zacher@worldlearning.org

The Legislative Fellows Program for India and Pakistan is a two-way exchange program for mid-level professionals from India, Pakistan, and the U.S. The program goal is to promote mutual understanding and establish networks among mid-level professionals in the US, India, and Pakistan, while also promoting increased knowledge of the legislative process and principles of good governance.

The program includes the following components:

  • Participant selection and pre-departure orientation in India or Pakistan;
  • A one-month U.S. experiential program for participants from India and Pakistan that includes fellowships, interactive seminars, site visits, synthesis discussions, and designing follow-on projects (multiple cohorts)
  • In-country seminars and support of follow-on activities for participants from India and Pakistan, including workshops and consultations by American experts (multiple cohorts)

The U.S. program begins with an orientation in Washington, DC that focuses on the structure of the US government, the legislative process, and the role of civil society. Following is a four-week fellowship in several US cities, which includes professional fellowships, seminars, homestays, and civic engagement. Participants then return to Washington, DC for the concluding Professional Fellows’ Congress, which includes workshops, debriefs, and meetings with US government officials, and a program debrief.

World Learning is partnering with the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives in Pakistan, which will assist in recruitment, and pre-departure and follow-on activities in India and Pakistan. In the U.S., World Learning is partnering with member organizations of Global Ties U.S.


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