Communities Connecting Heritage

Communities Connecting Heritage

Country: Global
Duration: September 2016 to August 2018
Funder: U.S. Department of State

Everyday individuals in our communities – storytellers, artists, musicians, and others – are at the center of vibrant societies, and are in a unique position to preserve cultural heritage.

In partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Cultural Programs Division in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, World Learning is administering the Communities Connecting HeritageSM Program. The program engages at-risk communities, empowers youth, and builds partnerships between communities in the U.S. and in key strategic world regions through exchange projects that explore cultural heritage topics. These projects advance tangible and intangible cultural heritage appreciation and preservation through community outreach and public education and by reinforcing positive narratives. 

The goals of the CCH Program are to:

  • Promote mutual understanding between cultures;
  • Showcase cultural organizations as vibrant, engaged and influential for community and national identity;
  • Increase awareness and understanding of American art, culture, values, and society for international participants and audiences;
  • Foster opportunities for education outreach and community engagement with diverse and underserved communities, especially youth, women, ethnic minorities, and refugees;
  • Provide unique opportunities for artistic collaboration, engagement, and public exhibition between American and international participants; and
  • Create opportunities for sustaining relationships and collaboration between U.S. and international participants and institutions.

The application for this year’s program has closed and we are currently selecting finalists for program implementation. Up to six partnerships between U.S. and international cultural heritage organizations will implement mutually designed cultural heritage projects that will be carried out through virtual exchanges and culminate with fully reciprocal in-person exchanges and public exhibitions engaging their larger communities. Updates will be shared as they are available through our larger World Learning platforms on social media.

Cultural organizations that may participate in this opportunity include, but are not limited to, art centers, cultural associations, historical sites, museums, libraries, and universities. If your organization is interested in receiving notifications for future CCH opportunities, submit an inquiry here.


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