Inspired to Create Community

Alexis Dalmat Cohen likes to bring cultures together. Following a life-changing experience on the International Honors Program (IHP) studying indigenous cultures in Mexico, India, New Zealand, and Canada, Cohen became the executive director of Culture Connect, a nonprofit social enterprise organization that helps people thrive by bridging language and culture.

Under her leadership, the Atlanta-based organization grew its interpreter program by 700 percent and developed a first-rate medical interpreter training program, which was launched in the Greater Georgia area and then offered online.

But if that wasn’t enough, Cohen again successfully bridged different cultures by facilitating the acquisition of the not-for-profit Culture Connect by a for-profit company specializing in written translation and language instruction.

“It made perfect sense,” says Cohen, an Atlanta native who has been a World Learning donor since 2008. “Their program is national, online, and in industries Culture Connect hadn't served yet. It was an effective way to maximize impact.”

Cohen, who now works in the marketing department for UPS, has always been passionate about cultures and bringing people together, but she credits her IHP experience abroad with her interest in creating community at home. "It was the most life-changing experience I've had thus far,” she says.

That’s why she became a donor, making monthly contributions to help fund IHP’s scholarship program. “It is easier to manage when I give regularly — it fits into my monthly budget. I just automate it,” Cohen explains.

“Monthly giving,” she adds, “is a great way for younger alumni like me to support a scholarship fund that will give other students the opportunity to have a lifechanging, mind-altering experience like I did.”