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July 27, 2015
Chicago to India: Finding hope in Delhi’s slums

Dominic Smith, a student at the Experiment in International Living Leadership Institute, writes for PBS NewsHour about his experience visiting the slums of New Delhi, India and how he found hope in the unity and solidarity people have despite living in extreme poverty.

PBS NewsHour
July 20, 2015
Meet a Resident Director: Christiane

Christine Magnido, Resident Director of SIT Study Abroad's Cameroon program, spoke to OSU Abroad about what it is like to study abroad in Africa and tips on how to succeed in another culture.

OSU Abroad
July 16, 2015
Jezebel: Finding Caitlyn Jenner in Burma

World Learning's iPACE program in Burma is empowering activists in Burmese civil society, including members of the transgender community who were inspired by Caitlyn Jenner after seeing her on the cover of Vanity Fair.

July 14, 2015
Iran deal is one worth signing

Tara Sonenshine, Executive Director of World Learning’s Global Advisory Council, weighs in on the Iran nuclear deal

The Hill
July 13, 2015
For Vermont Teens, Activism is Sign of the Times

World Learning's Brattleboro campus recently hosted 50 high school students for the Governor’s Institute on Current Issues & Youth Activism.
July 6, 2015
Ebony: Study Abroad Prepares Students to Compete in the Global Economy

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox writes that study abroad helps students develop the skills they need in today's international job market and discusses SIT's efforts to help more young African Americans pursue educational opportunities overseas.

July 2, 2015
Tara Sonenshine: To Counter Violent Extremism, Focus on the Young

Tara Sonenshine, executive director of World Learning's Global Advisory Council, writes that empowering young people around the world to create their own futures is the best way to prevent radicalization and violence.

The Hill
June 26, 2015
World Learning Statement on SCOTUS Decision

World Learning welcomes the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court today holding that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, and striking down laws that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

June, 24, 2015
SIT Alumna Helping Children Across the Globe

Beth Bradford, a 2008 alumna of SIT Graduate Institute, has spent more than 20 years working to improve the lives of children in countries from Kosovo to Rwanda.

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
June 23, 2015
Mary Stucky—a Woman Who’s Making a Difference

Mary Stucky,director SIT Study Abroad's journalism program in Morocco and founder of Round Earth Media, is training the next generation of foreign correspondents.

Women's Voices for Change
June 22, 2015
Greenwald ’16 Honored for Study of ‘Street Boys’ in Nepal

An independent study project by Wesleyan student Michael Greenwald ’16 was chosen as one of two winners of the 2015 SIT Study Abroad Undergraduate Research Award.

News @ Wesleyan
June 19, 2015
Local Photographer Gathers Impressions of Morocco in Words and Pictures

SIT Study Abroad student Julia Barstow recounts her experience photographing Morocco during her study abroad experience there.

Montpelier Bridge
June 19, 2015
SIT and Spelman College Partner to Expand Study Abroad Access

African-American students only represent about five percent of all Americans who study overseas. Laurie Black, dean of external relations and strategic enrollment management, discusses the barriers African Americans face in study abroad and how an SIT Study Abroad initiative with Spelman College and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities is working to expand access to international education opportunities.

rolling out
June 2, 2015
Christian Science Monitor: Kelly Pajak combines an Army career with a passion for sustainable development

Unbeknownst to her at the time, Maj. Kelly Pajak’s burgeoning career in development would be inspired by how she dealt with Iraq’s garbage.

The Christian Science Monitor
May 18, 2015
Experiment Leadership Institute Participants Featured on Chicago Radio

Cameron Woods and Khary Armster, who will participate in this summer's Experiment Leadership Institute spoke with "Robin's Next" host Robin Robinson about their upcoming programs to India and South Africa respectively. They were joined by Dr. Aaron Morehouse, executive director of The Experiment in International Living, and SIT and World Learning alumnus Cortez Alexander.

WVON AM 1690
May 17, 2015
New Youth Employability Portal Launched in Algeria

In Algeria, World Learning is helping implement a new online employment portal to improve economic opportunities for young people by provide them with access to career advisors, online training, job openings, and information on entrepreneurship.

May 14, 2015
Improving English Language Education in Morocco

AMIDEAST will use the Professional Certificate in English Language Teaching program it developed in partnership with SIT Graduate Institute to implement a training program to improve English language education in Morocco.

May 14, 2015
Crouse students serve as garden ambassadors to Kuwaiti doctors

Kuwaiti doctors on a World Learning International Visitor Leadership Program in the United States visited an elementary school in Akron, Ohio, where students helped them raise money for the Malala Fund.
May 14, 2015
World Learning Alumna Prepares to Return to Iraq After Studying in the US

Shan Sherwan Hussein, an alumna of the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program, spent three years at the University of Southern Indiana earning an undergraduate degree in economics and a Master of Business Administration. Now Hussein getting ready for the challenges and opportunities she will face when she returns to Iraq.

Evansville Courier and Press
May 9, 2015
McDaniel student survives Nepal earthquake, prompts fundraising effort

SIT Study Abroad Nepal student Leigh Brownell discussed her experience during the country's devastating earthquake last month and how she and others are fundraising to support the relief efforts.

Carroll County Times
May 7, 2015
Beloved Cheesemaker’s Cart A Secret Moroccan Treat

Abdelatif Reda's cheese cart is an institution in the Rabat medina, drawing customers from all over town and even other cities. Zoë Hue and Eloise Schiefrdecker filed this report while on the SIT Study Abroad Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media program, which is run in collaboration with Round Earth Media.

Zester Daily
May 7, 2015
Urban Prep Student From Chatham 'Ecstatic' After Winning Trip to India

Chicago high school-student Dominic Smith was "ecstatic" and "grateful" to find out he'd been selected to participate in World Learning's new Experiment Leadership Institute to India this summer through a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

May 6, 2015
SIT Alumnus Returns to Uganda to Study Microfinance

SIT alumnus Jacob Eichengreen is returning to Uganda on a Fulbright Program scholarship to test a new lending model that would encourage vertical integration in local economies.

Intermountain Jewish News
May 6, 2015
Children affected by HIV/AIDS to benefit from $8-million programme

In partnership with the US Agency for International Development, World Learning is implementing a $70,000 grant assistance program in Jamaica to provide children affected by HIV/AIDS with psychological, educational and social support. The four-month initiative will be carried out by three Jamaican nongovernmental organizations.

Jamaica Observer
May 4, 2015
Aging Adventurer Runs and Runs – To Show He Still Can

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who has been called the “greatest living explorer,” competed in the most recent Morocco ultramarathon at age 71. Ben Bartenstein filed this profile on him while on the SIT Study Abroad Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media program, which is run in collaboration with Round Earth Media. 

McClatchy DC
April 30, 2015
Vermont Students Survive Earthquake in Nepal

SIT Study Abroad students were among those in Nepal when the earthquake struck. Laurie Black, dean of external relations and enrollment management, said all are accounted for and safe. SIT is in the process of evacuating them from the country.

Rutland Herald
April 15, 2015
Why One Iraqi Youth Turned Away From Violence

After being shot outside his Baghdad home at age 17, Dr. Al-Nasir Bellah Al-Nasiry could have chosen to seek revenge and continue the cycle of violence in his community. Instead he chose to be a peacemaker and participated in the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program, which helped him build the skills he needed to become an advocate for peace.

Christian Science Monitor
April 10, 2015
Agents of Change: Why visit Serbia? Aaron Brazelton's Serbia Fellowship Experience bridges cultural gaps

World Learning alumnus Aaron Brazelton is leading a program to send fellow students from the University of Alabama to Serbia for a partnership exchange with the University of Nis to promote mutual understanding between the two countries and foster intercultural dialogue.
April 6, 2015
Preparing Students for the World

Priscilla Stone, SIT Study Abroad vice provost, explains how experiential and reflective study abroad programs will help US students build the skills and outlooks of global citizens.

NOW Blog
April 6, 2015
Why the Future of American Intellectualism Depends on Study Abroad

SIT Study Abroad Argentina student Jordan Houston writes about how spending time abroad helps young people expand their worldview, better understand other cultures, and build relationships with people from other countries.

Huffington Post
April 2, 2015
In Morocco, Illegitimate Children Struggle for Rights

Children born out of wedlock in Morocco can face life-long discrimination and many difficulties, including obtaining government documents to prove they exist. Lauren Kopchik and Rachel Woolf filed this report while on the SIT Study Abroad Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media program, which is run in collaboration with Round Earth Media.

Thompson Reuters Foundation
March 29, 2015
Univ. Of Alabama Student Brings Peers To Serbia To Give Them The World

Looking to share his own transformational experience traveling in Serbia as a high schooler, University of Alabama student Aaron Brazelton is pioneering an undergraduate exchange with the University of Novi Sad.

March 19, 2015
Sara Rahim: Champion for Interfaith Dialogue

SIT Study Abroad Morocco alumna Sara Rahim is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding between people of different faiths and cultures and finding ways individuals from different backgrounds can work together for the common good.

The Muslim Observer
March 11, 2015
SIT Study Abroad Mongolia Program Named One of the Most Adventurous

Go Abroad just included SIT Study Abroad's Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment program, which features a homestay in a rural nomadic community, in its list of the Top 5 Most Adventurous Study Abroad Programs.

Go Abroad
Jan 30, 2015
Another shore: Morocco's child migrants

When there is no school or work, migration presents a literal way out, even for the country's children.

Al Jazeera
Dec 27, 2014
Morocco's young entrepreneurs face barriers

A lack of an entrepreneurship culture is among key challenges facing young entrepreneurs in Morocco.

Al Jazeera
Oct 2, 2014
Ones to Watch | Jelena Bulajic

Jelena Bulajic, a young Serbian artist, is already making a big splash with her gigantic, incredibly detailed images of aging faces. 

July 21, 2014
Underage Moroccan girls married off with judges' consent

Salima Dakani is just one of many young girls married under the legal age of consent in Morocco, about twice as many as 10 years ago.