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Our experts are available to speak about World Learning’s projects and programs, as well as a wide range of topics, including international education, study abroad, international development issues, and citizen diplomacy. Our staff is on the ground in over 60 countries and is readily available for commentary and analysis on breaking news and world events. 

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World Learning is a nonprofit organization advancing leadership in more than 60 countries. We envision a just world, driven by engaged citizens and thriving communities. Our mission is to empower people and strengthen institutions through education, development, and exchange programs. Learn more.

World Learning was conceived from the simple notion that if American students are sent abroad to expand their own worldviews, understanding across cultures and nations will follow suit. Founded as The Experiment in International Living by Dr. Donald Watt in 1932, the organization’s mission was “to foster peace through understanding, communication, and cooperation.”

The Experiment was the first of its kind in that it offered “homestay” experiences, which would become the very embodiment of its mission. As American students were paired with host families, they were given first-hand, authentic insight into a new culture and were completely immersed in the lives of real people and communities they would call home for their time abroad.

From the first Experiment delegation to Germany in 1932, the organization evolved over decades at the forefront of international exchange. Almost thirty years later, after the creation of the Peace Corps with Sargent Shriver (an Experiment alum) at its helm, the Experiment began to apply its teaching methods to train Corps volunteers prior to their deployments, emphasizing cultural nuances and preparing them to adapt to radically different environments.

Further cementing this special bond, in 1964, the Experiment founded the School for International Training (now SIT Graduate Institute) to educate returning Peace Corps volunteers to channel their new knowledge, priorities, and skills in ways that would impact society and advance meaningful change around the world.

As Experiment students began to shift their focus towards developing countries, they witnessed the ills of refugee crises, poverty, and conflict, and wanted to insert themselves as trailblazers in finding sustainable solutions. In 1992, the Experiment in International Living changed its name to World Learning to reflect its growing leadership role in international development, language training, exchange, and higher education.

Today, World Learning advances leadership in more than 60 countries, providing education, exchange, and sustainable development programs that empower people and strengthen institutions. The organization is on the ground in developing countries worldwide, working with AIDS orphans, trafficked children, women’s groups, and others, to build local capacity for change.

World Learning envisions a just world driven by engaged citizens and thriving communities. Through forging lasting bonds in cultural exchange and encouraging global exposure and communication, we begin to see this vision turn into reality.

World Learning’s Global Advisory Council champions its mission to empower a new generation of global citizens who will build peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, and responsible institutions through international development, education and exchanges.

The Global Advisory Council brings together leaders from the arenas of development, education, government, civil society, business, foundations, and international organizations from more than a dozen countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. This group will help further the organization’s work building leadership around the world and confronting critical global challenges. 

Meet our Global Advisory Council.

October, 12, 2015
"Stepping Into a Minefield" Book Launch

Presentation by Donald Steinberg, President and CEO of World Learning, at the Swiss Embassy to the United States, October 12, 2015.

September 11, 2015
Building on Success: A New Agenda on Women, Peace, and Security

Presentation by Donald Steinberg, President and CEO of World Learning, Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University, September 11, 2015.

August 5, 2015
USAID Diversity and Inclusion

Presentation by Donald Steinberg, President and CEO of World Learning, at the Inaugural USAID Diversity Day and Summit, Washington, D.C., August 5, 2015.

July 21, 2015
Beijing+20: Progress on Article E on Gender and Armed Conflict

Presentation by Donald Steinberg, President and CEO of World Learning, at the SID Conference

Press Releases (view all)

November 18, 2015
John Lucas to Step Down as SIT Provost

World Learning announced that John Lucas will step down as provost of the School for International Training (SIT) at the end of the year to become the next president and CEO of International Student Exchange Program, in Virginia.

November 3, 2015
New Alice Rowan Swanson Fellow to Address Women's and Girls' Health and Education in India

World Learning and its School for International Training (SIT) congratulates Divya Bhatia, the newest recipient of the Alice Rowan Swanson Fellowship, which returns alumni of its undergraduate study abroad programs to their host countries to conduct human rights projects.

In The News (view all)

November 24, 2015
Sai Aung Thein on VOA

Sai Aung Thein, iPACE Advocacy and Training Advisor joins Voice of America in Washington, D.C. to discuss the program and the elections in Burma.

November 20, 2015
Who becomes a terrorist?

Tara Sonenshine, a member of World Learning's Global Advisory Council analyzes how and why civilians are joining the ranks of radical extremism.

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