Youth Leadership

I was surprised to see how affectionate, respectful, and inclusive most people were. The stereotypes I used to have about people from the U.S. have fallen, and I´m grateful for that!

a participant on the Youth Ambassadors Program with South America

World Learning's youth programs operate international exchanges to build greater understanding and respect between the youth of the United States and other countries worldwide. Our programs help the next generation of global leaders to gain a stronger sense of civic responsibility, establish relationships across ethnic, religious, and national lines, and develop the skills and knowledge to transform their communities and countries.

Programs focus on specific themes, ranging from civic participation and volunteerism to leadership development through sports and activism. 

Though primarily designed for students, some programs also enable high school teachers, community leaders, and staff of non-governmental organizations to participate as well.

Our youth programs are designed to be:

  • Highly interactive, dynamic, interesting, hands-on and action-oriented
  • Discussion based, with ample opportunity for students' voices to be heard
  • Sensitive to the group's English abilities
  • Mindful and inclusive of cultural, political, and ethnic identities of the group
  • Appropriately paced for the age group, including length and number of activities
  • Safe, healthy, fun, relevant and empowering