Participant Training

Since 1982, we have administered U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) participant training programs for over 102,876 people. These programs provide people with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills and are designed to address the needs of participants, as well as the needs of their workplaces and communities.

We carry out training programs for participants around the world in sectors including agriculture, economic development, education, public health, youth leadership, and more. Trainings can take many forms—some are long-term academic degree programs, while others are short or long-term non-degree technical courses, non-academic seminars, workshops, conferences, on-the-job learning experiences, observational study tours, or distance learning exercises. These programs may take place in participants’ home country, the United States, or a third country.

We also provide support services for participant training programs. That can include technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation, logistics support, and pre-departure orientations.

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